Anxiety Treatment

You feel anxious and stressed.

The worries seem never ending.

It’s like your mind just can’t let go.

It’s hard to escape the constant worry and negative thoughts.  Most people can’t see how anxious you really are, but you are tired of living this way.

Stress and anxiety make life so hard.

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Some days,  your anxiety is like a never-ending barrage of thoughts and emotions all happening at once. You overthink, over-analyze, over-worry, and over-react.  Often, you feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Even while you sleep, if you sleep, your mind works nonstop. Then, you wake up feeling tired and on edge.

Sometimes, you’re not sure how much longer you can keep struggling like this. The constant stress has taken its toll on your work, your health, and your relationships. Ultimately, something has to change.  
You hate to ask for help, because you like people to see you as being strong, competent and successful.  In fact, you are glad everyone can’t see all of the racing thoughts going through your head.  But the thoughts are there.  And they’re overwhelming.  You need to find some sort of peace.

Anxiety treatment & counseling can help.

As a therapist, I’ve been supporting clients with anxiety for years. In counseling, I use effective, evidence-based strategies that help you feel relief from your anxiety.  Also, I will help you figure out the cause of your anxiety.  We will take a deeper look at what is going on, so you can learn new ways to think about things and find some relief.  Counseling is a natural, effective way to treat your anxiety.

Here’s a little secret:  Anxiety might actually be your friend.

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Initially, anxiety may have given you the extra incentive to push through things that were difficult. Maybe, it protected you, giving you a legitimate warning.  In fact, a little bit of stress or anxiety can be healthy, adaptive, and improve performance. It can let you know you are fully alive. But, anxiety can take on a life of its own, not realizing more doesn’t mean better. For example, more work, more effort, and more drive aren’t always healthy. Yes, anxiety can be your friend. But, not if it runs the show. Therapy can help you understand your anxiety and what fuels its fire. This will allow you to relax and lead a life you enjoy.

What would it be like to know how to cope with your anxiety so it no longer runs your life? What if you could approach all life with confidence instead of anxiety?

Avoiding things that are risky won’t help you make healthy changes in your life. In fact, it keeps you from growing. It often makes you more anxious about the things you are trying to avoid. Let’s work together to find more productive ways to help you cope with your anxiety and stress.

A Whole-Person Approach to Anxiety Treatment

I take a functional, holistic, and integrative approach to the treatment of anxiety. This means I see the mind, body, and spirit as being connected to wellness and by default your anxious thoughts. I take a holistic approach to help you calm your anxious thoughts.  In addition to counseling, your treatment may include nutritional and lifestyle counseling, wellness counseling, and mindfulness-based strategies. Stress impacts every area of your life, so anxiety treatment often needs to touch on each of these areas.

Anxiety comes in all shapes and sizes and can show up in all areas of your life.  Some of the ways anxiety can show up include:anxious young woman with red hair | Therapy for stress and anxiety | Anxiety therapy | Counseling for anxiety| 77006

  • Chronic worrying: There’s just a constant sense of dread. Like something bad is about to happen. It’s like your head is always looking for the worst case scenario and is certain something will go wrong.
  • Fears and phobias: You have a persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation.
  • Performance and/or public speaking anxiety: You freeze up when you have to perform. For example, you may be anxious when you have to give a presentation at work.
  • Social anxiety: You fear social situations. When you’re talking to someone else, you find yourself often expecting negative judgment. In fact, sometimes your fear of others judging you makes it hard to get up the courage to even go in social situations. Then later, you find yourself replaying conversations you had with people and fearing you came across wrong.
  • Panic attacks: You experience sudden, terrifying fear, and panic. Additionally, you may experience dizziness, shortness of breath, and a pounding heart.  These panic attacks sometimes seem to come out of nowhere.
  • Obsessions & compulsions: You frequently have obsessive, intrusive thoughts. Often these are paired compulsive urges to perform superstitious rituals to control your fears and find relief from your anxiety.
  • PTSD: You are haunted by memories or flashbacks of a traumatic event that happened in the past.
  • Concerns about appearance: You spend a lot of time worrying that you don’t measure up and everyone can see how terrible you look.
  • Worries about your Health: You always worry that you are sick or have a disease. So, you often seek immediate medical treatment for minor physical symptoms such as aches, pains, and fatigue.

I can help you find relief from the symptoms of anxiety so you can enjoy your life.

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Anxiety can be overwhelming. In fact, it can hold you hostage and keep you from enjoying your life. Additionally, this stress can also lead to physical symptoms or even illness. Fortunately, anxiety is treatable. You don’t have to live with constant worry or fear. Through counseling, you learn how to stay calm and clear even when things are difficult. Counseling for anxiety and stress can help. You don’t have to face your fears alone.

I provide in-person counseling for anxiety near the Heights and Montrose neighborhoods in Houston. Additionally, I also offer online therapy through secure videoconferencing.

Begin anxiety treatment in Houston, Texas

If you are ready to have freedom from your fears, counseling can help. I am here to help you cope with the things that cause you stress and worry. You deserve support you on your journey to emotional wellness and counseling can be an important part of your anxiety treatment.

  1. Contact me to schedule a free consultation call
  2. Meet with me at my Houston, TX counseling office. Or, we can meet though video conferencing as long as you live in the state of Texas.
  3. Find peace and life a life without fear.

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My Houston, Texas mental health office provides a variety of wellness services to help you find inner strength and resiliency. I see clients of all ages, but specialize in helping women and teenage girls. Some common mental health concerns I work with include eating disorder treatment, depressiongrief and losschallenging life transitions, trauma, physical illness counseling, integrative health coaching, therapy for self-esteem and personal empowerment, shame, and women’s issues. Contact me to learn more about the ways I can support you.

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