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You are busy, I know.African American woman at her computer doing online therapy in Texas | Online counseling | Houston therapist | Natalie Mica LPC | 77006

We work with busy people all the time. Many of you travel for work or have long commutes. Often, you work long hours and then go home to a busy family. Several of you work at home, rasing full families. All this busy doesn’t leave much time for you and your mental health.

You know you need some support, but the last thing you want to do is drive to a therapist’s office, even if you could get off work on time or find reasonable child care.

You need counseling, but you also need convenience and flexibility.

For some of you living in a rural area of Texas, there may not be many choices for mental health services. How can you get the help you need without having to travel so far?

Online Therapy with Natalie Mica LPC is The Answer You Are Looking For

When we first considered online therapy, we had concerns that it would be impersonal and that we would feel disconnected from our clients. We could not imagine that good therapy could happen with clients over a phone or video screen. And then we tried it…

Guess what? We were so wrong!

Online therapy works great!

In fact, in most instances it works just as well as traditional in-office therapy. It’s so important to take care of your mental health. We understand how hard it can be when you are busy. Today’s digital world makes connecting with high-quality mental health counselors easy, secure, and convenient. It solves the problem right in the comfort of your home, office, car, or hotel.

young adult woman with depression and anxiety at home in white pants and camisole during a session of online therapy in Texas | Houston Therapist | Natalie Mica LPC | Counseling |77006What is Online Therapy? Online Counseling? Teletherapy?

Online therapy is a type of counseling and mental health support provided over the internet or phone. Sometimes it is also called teletherapy, telemental health, telebehavioral health, online counseling, or video therapy. This therapy allows you to meet with a therapist on a secure audio or video platform. With technology, all the benefits of counseling are accessible to you and fit your schedule, your location, and your lifestyle. Many of the challenges that cause people to miss therapy sessions or stop therapy completely are solved by online therapy.

While many people think online therapy is new, the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) has used video-conferencing to successfully provide counseling for more than 20 years!

Online Therapy and the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic is a real thing. It is normal to have a variety of difficult thoughts, feelings, and reactions when things feel so large and uncertain. Social distancing, job closings, and shelter-in-place orders can increase anxiety, depression, and other mental health symptoms.Young adult woman with Coronavirus or COVID-19 practicing social distancing and needing online therapy in Texas | Anxiety & Depression Counseling | Houston, TX Therapist | Natalie Mica LPC | 77006

During this uncertain and frightening time, it is important to evaluate and take care of your mental health. Worry and fear do not have to control your life. Natalie Mica LPC is committed to continuing your counseling services and is also taking new clients at this time. We know that staying connected is important in a time of crisis. Therefore, we will provide online mental health sevices to support you.

Does Online Therapy Work?

People often ask if online counseling can be as effective as in-office counseling. Thankfully, the answer is Yes! The same level of quality care and expertise from standard in-person sessions is provided during online therapy sessions. Several studies show that online therapy can be effective for many issues, including anxiety and depression; eating disorders; obsessive-compulsive disorders; and post-traumatice stress disorder (PTSD).

Who Benefits From Seeing an Online Therapist?

Many people prefer the convenience and comfort of online counseling over in-person therapy. Online counseling works for both teens and adults. A January 2019 Study published by The American Journal of Managed Care indicated that 82.3% of online psychiatry patients would recommend online counseling to family and friends. Likewise, a March 2019 study published in Internet Interventions found that 72% of adolescents said they would use online counseling if they were struggling with mental health issues.

Online Counseling Services in Texas Provided by Natalie Mica LPC

We help with a variety of mental health conditions for people living in the state of Texas. We provide therapy for young adults, adults, and seniors.

Since we have provided online therapy for a while, we are skilled and knowledgeable in provding telemental health services as well as protecting your confidentiality and privacy during the use of technology. We help my clients with the following online counseling services:

What Are the Advantages of Online Therapy?Teen girl in jeans and a sweater sitting on the floor at home drinking coffee and smiling because online therapy in Texas has healed her depression and anxiety | Houston Counselor | Natalie Mica LPC | 77006

Online Therapy saves time and money.

With face-to-face counseling, you have to plan additional time to drive to and from your therapy session. Telehealth saves you this time and hassle. You can schedule online counseling sessions between meetings, during lunch, while your child naps, or while driving in your car. You also do not have to pay for gas or a babysitter.

Online Therapy is convenient.

You can join your online counseling session on your phone or laptop from anywhere you have a confidential connection. You don’t have to hire a sitter, drive in bad weather, or cancel due to illness.

Online Therapy increases your options.

Since you do not have to drive, you are not limited to therapists in your immediate area. Therefore, you have more options to choose quality health care providers. We can provide online counseling services to people living anywhere in the state of Texas.  Does this mean Houston or Austin, TX? Yes! What if you are in Dallas, TX? Yes! What if you live in a rural area of Texas? Yes!

Online Therapy is more accessible.

If you have severe depression or social anxiety, you may have a hard time leaving your home when you begin counseling. Or, if you suffer from chronic illness or have a disability, getting to therapy can be difficult. Likewise, maybe you travel for work or have limited transportation. Online counseling solves these problems and makes it easier for everyone to get mental health support.

Online Therapy ensures your privacy.

Some of you may have concerns about others knowing you see a counselor. Or, you may worry about running into someone you know at your therapist’s office. While the stigma against therapy is waning, some people still struggle with this issue. Online counseling provides confidentialty while you get the support you need.

Begin Online Therapy Services in Texas with Natalie Mica LPC

You don’t have to struggle making arrangements for therapy. If you live in Texas, we provide online counseling support to meet your schedule, location, and lifestyle. Here’s how to get started with online therapy in Texas.

  1. Contact us to schedule your first appointment or for a free, no-obligation 20-minute phone consultation.
  2. Attend your first counseling appointment via the online client portal and start getting the mental health support you need.
  3. Find your inner peace, emotional freedom, and authentic self. You can life your best life!

Happy adult couple after online counseling for relationship issues in Texas | Houston therapist | Natalie Mica LPC | 77006Other Mental Health Services Offered by Natalie Mica, LPC in Houston, TX

Our Houston, Texas mental health office provides a variety of wellness services to help you find inner strength and resiliency. We see adult clients of all ages. Our therapy office is located in the Montrose area of Houston and is easily accessible from areas such as the Heights, Midtown, Rice Village, River Oaks, Upper Kirby, West University, University Place, the Medical Center, and Downtown.

Some common mental health concerns we work with include treatment for anxiety, depression, eating disorders, grief and loss, life transitions, trauma, perfectionism, self-esteem and personal empowerment, shame, stress management, integrative health coaching, and women’s issues. Contact us to learn more about how we can support you. Become the best version of yourself!

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