Women’s Issues

It’s an exciting time to be a woman!

We have so many choices in how we express ourselves – careers, family, interests, and friends. We’ve come so far!

All this freedom, and yet life often feels like a burden, like one big demand. We are tired.

Having it all has its challenges, often because we believe in it…and believe there is a way to perfectly balance every life demand.  In fact, we think we “should” be able to do it and feel like a failure for falling short or for not enjoying ourselves when we try. We define ourselves by what we do and how well we do it, rather than by who we are at our core. We aren’t the only ones. Social media, our employers, and even some family members may also support the idea that we should sacrifice ourselves for everyone else.

And we lose. Always.

I’ve worked with so many women who unknowingly bought into the lies of “all” and “should,” sacrificing their dreams, their emotional and/or physical health, their bodies, their self-esteem, and their energy.  Eventually they wonder who they are and what they really want. Beneath it all simmers the message of “not good enough,” or heavy emotions like anxiety, anger, and resentment.

Good women.  Smart women.  Strong women.

It’s time for some truth-telling: We cannot have it all, do it all, and be it all for everyone without sacrificing ourselves in the process.

Counseling for Women’s Issues can help. Let’s Work Together to Create A More Fulfilling Life

In therapy, I can help you reconnect to your authentic self and integrate the fullness and demands of your life without sacrificing core values, losing your health, or ignoring your own heart.

We will get deeply curious, asking richer questions to get clarity about who you are and what you desire and explore the purpose and meaning of your life.

Learn to express yourself in a way that nourishes you rather than depletes you.

Discover and own your own beliefs about what it means to be a woman and how to show up for yourself and others.

Create more authentic, intimate, and fulfilling relationships.

Learn to nurture and trust yourself, set and maintain healthy boundaries, overcome self-destructive thoughts and behaviors, and make changes that lead to increased self-worth, increased energy, and greater fulfillment.

In essence, you will learn to let go of who you think you “should” be, and embrace who you really are. That’s what will bring you alive.

 Women today experience more responsibilities, challenges, and unrealistic expectations than ever before. In addition, our worries, fears, obligations, past hurts, and insecurities often get in the way of living the truth and fullness of who we are. When we allow life circumstances to dictate the way we show up in the world, we often lose our voice and our sense of self. This can lead to feelings of isolation, reduced vitality, and mental, physical, and spiritual health issues.

Some of the common reasons women seek out therapy include:

You can heal, find your strength, and regain your authentic voice.

Whole-Person Approach to Counseling for Women

I take a functional, holistic, and integrative approach to Counseling for Women’s Issues. This means I see the mind, body, and spirit as being connected to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness and by default, dis-ease. To support women I provide individual therapy, nutritional and lifestyle counseling when appropriate, and mindfulness-based strategies that develop psychological insights and well-being.

I provide in-person counseling for women near the Heights and Montrose neighborhoods in Houston. I also offer online therapy for women through secure videoconferencing.

Begin Counseling in Houston, Texas

You can heal, find your strength, and regain your authentic voice. And I can help. Follow these three steps to begin therapy at my Houston, TX counseling clinic: 

  1. Contact me to schedule a free consultation phone call,
  2. Meet with me at my Houston, TX office, or we can meet over video conferencing if that is better for you.
  3. Start therapy and find your authentic self.

Other Services offered by Natalie Mica LPC

My Houston, Texas therapy office provides a variety of psychological services to help you find your inner strength and resiliency. I see patients of all ages, but specialize in working with women and girls. I provide individual therapy for adults, child therapy, therapy for teens, and family counseling. To help you meet your emotional health goals, I treat anxiety, depression, eating disorders and body image issuesgrief and losschallenging life transitions, trauma, stress, physical illness counseling, integrative health coaching, therapy for self-esteem and personal empowerment, shame, and women’s issues. Call my office to learn more about the ways I can support you.

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