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Are you struggling to cope with this new life transition?

Life is beautiful…and sometimes it is hard. Every day you are asked to begin anew. You don't have a map, only an internal compass. Things can get bumpy at times, and life can change quickly

Change is one of the few constants in life.

You will have many changes and life transitions throughout your life. Some will be predictable, positive and exciting. However, other life changes are unexpected, tragic, and life-altering. Regardless, any life transition can be difficult. We resist change. We become uncomfortable when faced with uncertainty and unknown routines.

Examples of Major Life Transitions

Essentially, counseling can help you adjust to any major change in your life.  These are just a few examples of stressful transitions where a major shift happens and you may need a little extra support.

Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty nest syndrome is there term used to describe a response parents sometimes have when their children move out of the house.  This is a transition that nearly every parent goes through at some point in time.  And let's be honest, it's a big moment full of conflicting emotions.  Parents, often especially mothers, spend most of their life for years raising children. Once they leave to start their own lives, a mother can feel lost and disconnected. She must create a new identity as an individual with needs and interests of her own. Therefore, many mothers can become depressed. They may even withdraw from life and from their spouse. Therapy can help a mother open to this transition, explore herself, and engage in the opportunities offered in this new stage of life.

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Retirement can be a much-deserved and much-anticipated event. Where one can finally relax and enjoy life. However, many people, at least initially, find retirement stressful and struggle to find their way. After following a structured schedule for many years, so much free time can seem daunting. In addition, the loss of a job title can feel like a loss of identity. Sometimes, the stress of retirement causes individuals to struggle with self-esteem, depression, and physical illness. Life transitions counseling can help individuals establish a structure in their lives. This allows time for both purpose and meaning as well as freedom and adventure.

College Graduation & Leaving Home

Sometimes, graduating college, getting a new job, and leaving home all come at one time. These are expected and exciting events.Yet, this much change can also be overwhelming. In fact, many young adults experience anxiety around graduation, particularly if they are moving away from the support system they've always known. Life transitions therapy can provide support to help ease the intensity of all these adjustments.  A skilled counselor can help you process everything you are going through, help you a accept your feelings and develop new coping skills.

Other Examples of Major Life Changes

In truth, counseling can help you adjust to almost any major stressor or change in your life.  Below are some of the common stressors or changes that often bring people to my Houston, Texas counseling office.  However, this is an incomplete list.  There are hundreds of other changes that could be going on in your life.  So, please know that whether or not the thing cause you stress is on this list, counseling can likely help you cope with the change you are facing and adapt to your new normal with confidence.

  • Job Change (move, promotion, layoff, etc)
  • Sudden Success
  • Retirement
  • Marriage/Remarriage
  • Divorce/Breakup
  • Moving/Relocating
  • Health Problems
  • Aging
  • Recovery
  • New Baby
  • Empty Nest Syndrome
  • Death of Loved One
  • Winning the Lottery
  • Social/Political Changes
  • Leaving Home
  • Starting College/Graduating
  • Financial Troubles
  • Caring for Elderly Parents
  • Identity/Gender Questions
  • Faith/Spirituality Changes
  • Disabling Accident/Tragedy
  • Loss of Home

All transitions can be challenging.

Life transitions of any kind can be challenging. Change is hard. Even when change viewed as positive or natural. Even if it's something you personally created such as when you are the one asking for a divorce, when you choose to take a new job in a different state or when you are ready to retire. Why? Because, big changes can wreak havoc with your sense of yourself, your sense of safety, and your sense of meaning and purpose. It is easy to feel discomfort, uncertainty, and pain.
Many people feel stuck and struggle to navigate their new normal. Sometimes change even causes other issues, like anxiety,depression, and low self-esteem. Sometimes, people use alcohol or drugs to numb the anxiety or depression. Especially if they cannot manage the stress of these transitional times. When the difficulty of your life change disrupts your ability to cope, your ability to perform daily routines, work, or relationships, it is time to seek help. Life transitions counseling can guide you through this challenging time.
You may be surprised how powerful it can be to have a therapist to help you find your balance again.  A neutral party who can listen and support you can go a long way to helping you heal, adjust and regain your confidence.

What is Life Transitions Counseling?

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Counseling for life transitions offers you the space and guidance to process what this life change means for you. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to change.  As a therapist, it's my job to help you figure out exactly what you personally need.

For instance, you might want to explore your own history and the impact of past transitions. You may want to talk about other major milestone's you've experienced as those experiences influenced how you are approaching this transition. In fact, exploring how you handled previous stressful situations will shed light on how a difficult experience in the past might be impacting your ability to cope with this new life change. This can help you focus on what you need to do today to move forward.
On the other hand, you may want to examine your life, your values, and your vision. This might bring up many questions about who you are and how you want to relate to yourself, experience your life, and interact with others. The answers to these questions can empower you and help you adapt, and counseling can help you find those answers within yourself.

In therapy, you learn specific coping strategies.

Ultimately, transitions counseling helps you create a survival tool kit of insights and coping skills. You will learn very specific strategies to help you manage your stress and bring balance and stability into your life. Because change happens every day, future transitions that are inevitable.  Participating in counseling now can help you increase your resilience so you are ready to face those future transitions with confidence.
You don’t have to do this alone. I have experience helping clients navigate through many major life transitions in healthy and productive ways. This helps you flourish and face future changes with more confidence. Through counseling, we will work together through difficult emotions, find solutions to challenges, and discover the opportunities and growth that life transitions can offer. You can then move forward into your future with clarity and confidence.

Life transitions can be positive.

Every ending is can be a new beginning.
Change is wired into everything. All of our development, the seasons, relationships, social structures. We are wired with the capacity for change. Even as we may find it difficult, confusing, and overwhelming.
Change can lead to personal growth. Often leading to the development of new skills or knowledge and a greater awareness of your life’s meaning and purpose. You can emerge stronger, more confident, and content. Every experience of change prepares you for the next.
What if you could make space for change during this life transition. You could invite it in, learn from every experience, and let it grow you into your next level of fulfillment?

As a therapist, I can help you cope with challenging life transitions.

Whatever life transition you are facing, I can help you manage change positively and support your journey along your new life path.
I provide in-person counseling for life transitions near the Heights and Montrose neighborhoods in Houston. I also offer online therapy through secure videoconferencing.
Don’t be afraid to take the next step.

Begin Counseling for Life Transitions in Houston, Texas

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If you are ready to love your new season of life and this new beginning, I can help. I am here to support you through any challenging life changes. Follow these three steps to receive life transition counseling at my Houston counseling clinic:

  1. Contact me to schedule a time for a free consultation call,
  2. Meet with me at my Houston, TX office. Or, meet with me via videoconferencing,
  3. Find happiness amidst change.

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