Stress Management

Everything feels overwhelming.

Stressed woman doing too much work. This represents how women are expected to do it all and be it all for everyone and end up feeling stressed or suffer burnout. Therapy can help with stress management. I am a counselor in Houston, TX 77006.

You know it’s a modern-day problem, but stress didn’t always affect you like this.

You have always worked so well under pressure. Stress helped you focus and have the energy to power through to get things done.

Once, you could control the stress, but now it seems the roles are reversed, and stress is kicking you to the curb.

You're so tired, but you can’t sleep. Perhaps you lay awake at night because you're worried about everything going on in your life. If you do manage to fall asleep, it's not quality sleep. You toss and turn or wake up often. When the alarm goes off, all you want to do is hit snooze…several times. Most importantly, you don’t want to face the day with all its endless demands and deadlines.

 You know you should manage your stress better, but even that task feels stressful, another thing to do. You just don’t have the energy for one more thing.

Side-effects of Chronic Stress

When we don’t know how to unwind from stress and cultivate peace, stress accumulates. Sustained or repeated stress can disrupt many body processes. It can cause or exaggerate physical and mental conditions. These are some of the ways stress negatively manifests in your body:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Sleep issues
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Stomach and bowel issues
  • Muscle pain
  • Frequent infections
  • Chronic illness
  • Concentration problems

In short, stress impacts all of you: your body, your emotions, your mind, and your spirit. It interferes with your presence and performance in your job, your relationships, and in your health.

Over time, too much stress can even cause burnout.

Symptoms of Burnout

I am very busy journal. This represents looking at your life to see what is causing stress and burnout in therapy for stress management. I am a counselor in Houston, TX 77006.

Burnout can have a variety of symptoms. Yet, it often looks different from person to person. You are unique. Therefore, how you respond to stress will be different than how someone else does. In general, people suffer from three main symptoms of burnout:


 People feel physically drained of energy and emotionally exhausted. They struggle to cope with difficulty. Some complain of physical symptoms such as pain or stomach and bowel problems.

Alienation, isolation, and depersonalization

You feel more stressed about work or your relationships than usual. In fact, you're feel frustrated more and more often. Perhaps you've even started to feel less empathetic. It's like you're too tired to even care. You're disconnected from the world around you. It's hard to feel compassionate or enthusiastic about anything.

Diminished performance or sense of accomplishment

When you are burned out, you feel ineffective. It's hard to focus, be positive, or be creative.
Although many life situations are demanding or difficult, they do not have to affect you in a way that feels stressful. In counseling for stress management, you can learn ways to prevent unnecessary stress and methods of responding to stress that regulate emotion and restore balance
But first, we have to explore the real obstacles that stand between you and your well-being, both internal and external.

Common Stress Triggers

We all have different stress triggers and different ways we experience and respond to stress. What is stressful to one person might not be stressful for another. These are some common stress points:
  • Work
  • Commute
  • Health conditions
  • Finances
  • Social media and technology
  • Loss
  • Environment
  • Major life transitions
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Negative beliefs or self-talk
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Work
  • Commute
  • Health conditions
  • Finances
  • Social media and technology
  • Loss
  • Environment
  • Major life transitions
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Negative beliefs or self-talk
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Lifestyle factors

Therapy for Stress and Burnout Can Help

I have been supporting clients with stress management counseling for years. I use effective, evidence-based strategies that give you relief from the symptoms of stress and burnout, help you explore and eliminate unnecessary stressors, and strengthen your resilience with coping strategies for effective stress management.
In therapy, I can help you create a healing space between a difficult event and the upsetting thoughts and emotions that cause you stress. When your mind can become a nonjudgmental observer, it is open in a way that allows you to avoid the perception and accumulation of unhealthy stress. Then you can mindfully respond in a way that does not increase stress.
You can learn what it feels like to engage in real self-care that is authentic for you, not an endless to-do list of self-care “shoulds.” You can then cultivate calm, improve your mood, and increase your energy and enjoyment of life.
I can help you discern and communicate your values, desires, and goals, set healthy boundaries, and design a life in alignment with your true nature and preferences. This might lead you to let go of some activities, responsibilities, and relationships, but it also might mean adding in some practices or activities that bring you joy. Very often, it is a combination of the two.
There is no question, modern life can be stressful. Let me help you respond to stress in a way that doesn’t hurt your health and happiness.

A Whole-Person Approach to Therapy for Stress and Burnout

Love your life sign. Stress management counseling helps with anxiety treatment, burnout, and therapy for perfectionists. I am a therapist in Houston77006, TX 7

I take a functional, holistic, and integrative approach to stress management. This means I see the mind, body, and spirit as being connected to wellness and by default, dis-ease. I support clients with therapy, nutritional and lifestyle counseling for wellness, and mindfulness-based strategies that develop psychological insight and calm.

I provide in-person counseling for stress and burnout near the Heights and Montrose neighborhoods in Houston. Additionally, I offer online therapy through secure videoconferencing.

Are you tired of always feeling stressed? Peace is within your reach.

Begin Counseling in Houston, TX to Manage Your Stress and Prevent Burnout

If you are ready to have freedom from the effects of stress, counseling can help. I am here to help you recognize your personal stress triggers, design a life that prevents burnout, and cope with unavoidable stress. You deserve support you on your journey to emotional wellness, and counseling can be an important part of your stress management.

  1. Contact me to schedule a free consultation call
  2. Meet with me at my Houston, TX counseling office. Or, we can meet though video conferencing as long as you live in the state of Texas.
  3. Find peace and life a life without fear.

Other mental health services offered by Natalie Mica LPC

My Houston, Texas mental health office provides a variety of wellness services to help you find inner strength and resiliency. I see clients of all ages, but specialize in helping women and teenage girls. Some common mental health concerns I work with are perfectionism, eating disorder treatmentdepressiongrief and losschallenging life transitions, trauma, physical illness counseling, integrative health coaching, therapy for self-esteem and personal empowerment, shame, and women’s issues. Contact me to learn more about the ways I can support you.

Let me help you find freedom from the effects of stress and burnout! Contact me today!

Relaxed woman in a yoga pose on the water. This represents healing from stress and burnout and feeling peace and calm from learning stress management skills in therapy. I am a counselor in Houston, TX 77006.

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