Child Therapy

Are you worried about your child’s emotions? Is your child acting out or displaying difficult behaviors? Are you stressed and overwhelmed or frustrated and need some guidance?

I can offer help and support for you and your child.

Sometimes children need a safe place to work through feelings and difficult life experiences. Their inner lives are rich, complex, and varied, and they often do not possess the language and understanding to explain and express their thoughts and concerns adequately. At times, they indicate their distress through emotional and behavioral challenges as they navigate life circumstances and developmental tasks.

I provide therapy to children ages 6 and up as well as ongoing consultation with their parents. I have years of experience working with children in the schools as well as in private practice. I also have completed specialized training in Play Therapy, which allows children to explore challenges and emotions through the language of play, their primary language. Play therapy is a powerful and evidence-based therapy approach for children ages 3-11 and can help them manage emotions, learn new and more adaptive behaviors, and develop positive relationships.

If your child is experiencing significant challenges at home, in school, or with peers, therapy may be beneficial. Contact me today!


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